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Brand Identity – The Myths and Misconceptions

For the businesses these days, it is important to stand out from the crowd as there is a lot of competition faced by them. One of the most effective ways is to create distinctive brand identity so that a business is able to capture top place in the consumers’ minds. Of course, it is important for every company or business to focus on its brand identity creation but a word of caution is that they should try avoiding to get caught up in some common myths prevalent in the market these days. For decades, the companies have realized that they can create their brand identities by themselves and even seek assistance from the professionals available in the field. Whether a business is small or large, it needs to work on creating its brand identity that will help the business in attracting the customers towards its products and services.

• What is Brand Identity?

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Before understanding the misconceptions or myths that are existent in the market about brand identities, it is important to understand the term “brand identity”. The identity of a brand is basically a result of combination of various elements which are visual ones that are present in the marketing materials. Usually, the foundation elements of the brand identity comprises of the business’s logo, business card, envelope, website, folder, brochure, flyer, letterhead and any other professionally designed items. The leading brand names that have made a mark in the market are Coca-Cola, KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Marks & Spencer and many more; all of these successful brands have created their brand identities in the market.

• Common Myths about corporate identities

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The small or start-up companies believe that they cannot create corporate identity because they are smaller in size; however, this is a misconception and there are numerous others that need to be addressed so that these companies can successfully create their identities in the market. The most popular myths about the corporate identities are as follows:
1. Only big companies can create brands – Nowadays, every company needs to create brand identity whether small or big ones. Although small companies will need time and extensive efforts to create brand identity in the market; once the company creates distinctive branding program, only then it will be able to capture the market share.
2. Brand is unimportant for small companies – Brand is the crucial part of every company and each one of them needs to work on developing the most aesthetic brand in the market. The brand identity is important for every kind of company, whether small or big one. Small companies need to create attractive logos and impressive marketing activities that will help in getting top of the customers’ mind share.
3. Brand identity will make the business impersonal – Brand identity helps in running the business in a personalized way. Of course, it will make the business more progressive and will help it to bring it up front in the market, make it look cleaner, organized and professional.
4. Too many efforts are required for creation of brand identity – In order to create a brand identity, a lot of efforts will be required. In the initial phase, some homework needs to be done such as identifying the differentiating factors, create the foundation of the brand and positioning of the brand as well.
5. Affording professional brand developer is difficult – in recent times, there are numerous online brand identity developers available in the market who are providing their services at affordable rates. In fact, it is something that the companies can do on their own as it just involves some critical thinking time and decision making phases.
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Hence, corporate identity is important for every company and it can be done only with the help of successful creation of brand identity. The logos, products, services, pamphlets, billboards, brochures and everything should be developed on a consensus manner so that the brand identity is created in the most professional and sophisticated manner.


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